Tourmaline is an extremely popular, yet happily still affordable gemstone. Tourmaline gemstones are in fact a collection of gemstones under one heading. The group includes rubelite, indicolite, verdelite, dravite, achroite and schorl. All of the varieties of tourmaline means that you could well find tourmaline gemstones in a huge range of colours, including dark blue, ruby, orange-brown, green, yellow and even "Watermelon" in both green and pink.

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About Tourmaline

This stone crystal-like in appearance, which is due to the fluid’s chemistry as it crystallises over many years. Some varieties of tourmaline are green in colour at one end of the stone, and pink in colour at the opposite end. These kinds are commonly known as watermelon tourmaline!

As mentioned above, tourmaline is in fact a general name given to several specific gemstones on the same group. Members of this group or family all have the same basic crystal structures, but come in differing colours.


Indicolite is the blue tourmaline, and includes stones of a dark blue, through to sapphire blue and turquoise colours. The darker blues aren't so popular, and are sometimes heat treated to lighten the colour. Much of the best indocolite comes from Russia.


As the name suggests, this tourmaline is a rich ruby red, although pink stones can also be found such as the gemstone used in the ring below.

Tourmaline Jewellery


Dravite is the orange brown tourmaline, and when expertly faceted (usually in brilliant or cushion style) shows a lighter, more golden colour. Dravite comes from Sri Lanka, Australia and North America.


Verdalite, as you can probably guess, is green. The finest stones can be a beautiful emerald green, although more common are darker, bottle greens and lighter yellowish greens. It is sometimes simply referred to as "Green and Yellow" tourmaline.


This is a particularly special variety of tourmaline, where the stone may have a light green colour at one end, and a bright pink colour in the centre, hence the watermelon title. It is found in South Africa and Brazil.

Tourmaline Watermelon

Tourmaline Jewellery

Tourmaline jewellery is often colourful, since tourmaline gemstones are themselves a variety of colours, but also blend well with other stones, such as amethysts. For this reason many tourmaline jewellery pieces still have a touch of an "art nouveau" look about them. Tourmaline jewellery isn't expensive, but can be beautifully delicate and attractive.