Sapphire is part of the corundum species of gemstone, as is the ruby. Sapphire is synonymous with sparkling blue, but in fact the term sapphire can refer to any corundum gemstone that isn't red. The most sought after sapphires are clear, deep blue. But you can find sapphires in pink, yellow, green, and completely transparent (white) as well as a variety of blues.

Natural Sapphire Gemstones available to buy on eBay

Lab Created Sapphire Gemstones available to buy on eBay

Sapphires have been "man made" since the nineteenth century. Often you may see the terms "lab created" or "Simulated" (Sim for short) to indicate that the sapphire gemstone isn't a natural gemstones, but has been made. Of course natural stones are the most valuable, but a lab created gemstone can offer something that looks quite spectacular for a smaller price.

About Sapphire

Sapphire is considered to bring peace and tranquillity to the wearer. It is the birthstone for September and the bright blue of these stunning gemstones associates it with the sky and heavens. In this respect sapphire is believed to protect the wearer from evil and enhance relationships and faithfulness, bringing inner peace. The clarity of sapphire stones is also believed to bring the wearer clarity of thought.

Sapphire Gemstone

Types of Sapphires

Everyone thinks of blue when it comes to sapphire. But in fact there are several specific varieties of sapphire, all of them different colours. These often come under the heading "Fancy Sapphires".

Fancy Sapphires

Sapphire is part of the corundum family, like the ruby. Any corundum gem that isn't red (and therefore a ruby) can be labelled as a sapphire. Therefore you will see pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, green sapphires, colourless or "white" sapphires, and a pinkish orange corundum called "Padparadscha" which comes from Sri Lanka.

Star Sapphires

The other special or unusual type of sapphire is the star sapphire. These are sapphires that have a star effect across the top of the stone. The star is caused by rutile inclusions in the stone, reflecting light. These kinds of stones are mostly opaque rather than transparent, and cut as cabachon. The whole effect is referred to as asterism, and it occurs in sapphires and rubies, but also other stones such as star garnets.

Star Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Sapphires and Lab Created Sapphires

Natural sapphire gemstones are of course rare and therefore extremely valuable. As with many other gemstones, synthetic sapphires have been developed and introduced to the market. These are sometimes referred to as simulated or lab created gemstones. Lab created gemstones can often be very beautiful, and offer an affordable alternative for any budding jewellery maker not wanting to risk hundreds on one stone.

Typical Sapphire Uses

Sapphires come in many colours, all of them related to nature and the natural world in some way, whether it's the blue of seas and skies or the yellow of the sun, the pink of rose petals or the green of leaves.

Sapphire Jewellery

Such natural beauty has meant that sapphires have been used in a wide range of jewellery and decoration, from earrings to necklaces. Corundum is a hard gemstone (second only to diamond), and so is durable and long lasting. This makes it a good material for any jewellery piece that may face a bit of wear and tear, such as a ring for example.

The sapphire is the birthstone for September, and will make an truly beautiful gift for anyone born in that month, that will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

Sapphire Occurrences and Origins

The finest quality sapphires can be found in South Asia - Burma, Sri Lanka, and the border areas of Pakistan and India (especially Kashmir). These are known to be of a lighter cornflower blue, compared to the darker blue sapphires from Thailand, Australia and Nigeria. Sapphire can also be found in USA, Brazil, Colombia, Cambodia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.

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