The ruby is considered one of the world's finest gemstones for jewellery setting. Not only is this rich, red stone extremely beautiful, but it is also very durable, and second only to the diamond in hardness. Rubies are part of the corundum family of stones, along with sapphires. Rubies however, must be red in colour. Any corundum of any other colour is likely to be labelled a sapphire.

Natural Ruby Gemstones available to buy on eBay

Lab Created Ruby Gemstones available to buy on eBay

As with sapphires, diamonds and other precious gemstones, synthetic rubies have been developed and introduced to the market. These are often referred to as "Lab Created" gemstones, and sometimes "Simulated" stones (Sim for short). Lab created rubies offer a more affordable alternative to natural gemstones. Particularly popular are the lab created "Star Rubies" sometimes called Linde Rubies.

About Ruby

The finest rubies are considered to be those of a rich, pure red with a touch of blue, such as rubies typically from Burma, which are called "pigeon's blood" rubies. Other rubies may be more yellowish red in colour. Clarity is of high importance in rubies, and clear stones will fetch higher prices than opaque stones, such as the ones from Tanzania.

The ruby is thought to symbolise devotion, and is the gemstone for 40th wedding anniversaries - the "Ruby Wedding". The ruby is also the birthstone for July and stands for love, integrity, strength and courage. The ruby is also considered to help bring confidence and generosity.

Ruby Gemstone

Star Rubies

A star ruby will have a dramatic star effect across the top of the stone. The star is caused by rutile inclusions in the stone, which reflecting light in 6 lines or rays over the stone. Star rubies are usually opaque and cut as cabachon. The whole effect is referred to as asterism, and it occurs in rubies and their corundum cousin, the sapphire and also other stones such as star garnets.

Star Ruby Gemstone

Natural Rubies and Lab Created Rubies

Natural ruby gemstones, like their sapphire cousins, are of course rare and therefore extremely valuable. As with many other gemstones, synthetic rubies have been developed and introduced to the market. These are sometimes referred to as lab created or simulated (sim for short) gemstones. Simulated gemstones can often be very beautiful, and offer an affordable alternative for non-professional jewellery makers not wanting to risk precious resources on one stone.

Typical Ruby Uses

The ruby is considered to be one of the best gemstones for jewellery settings. It is extremely hard and durable, second only to the diamond, and is suitable for all types of jewellery, from rings to pendants, bracelets and earrings. You will find rubies faceted in brilliant, step and mixed cuts, and star rubies often in cabachon cut.

Ruby Jewellery

Such an important and magical gemstone as the ruby never goes out of style and these days the ruby is more popular than ever. The Victorians loved rubies set in gold jewellery, and this is still the case for many fine and traditional style jewellery makers. But these days, modern jewellery makers are working with ruby to create a wide range of contemporary styles, such as the lovely ruby jewellery prices below.

The ruby is the birthstone for July, and will make a perfect gift for anyone born in that month.

Ruby Occurrences and Origins

Many say that the finest ruby gemstones come from Burma. Most rubies on the market these days probably come from Thailand and are often a brownish red colour. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Cambodia often produce bright red rubies. Rubies can also be found in Australia, Cambodia, Kenya, Russia, Tanzania, Vietnam, USA and Norway.

Ruby Jewellery - Silver and Gold Ring with Rubies