Peridot Gemstones

Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone which comes fro the mineral olivine. Indeed many peridot gemstones do have an olive green colour, but range to darker, bottle green colours. High quality vibrant green peridot gemstones can be highly sought after, and expensive, since they are hard to find.

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About Peridot

Peridot is always green, and gets its colour from the high iron content in the mineral olivine. Colours can range from light yellow green, through to apple green, olive green and bottle green. The vibrant coloured gemstones are usually the most sought after and paler stones more affordable. Peridot is usually transparent, but crystal clear stones are rare, and often you will see inclusions, and many stones have an oily lustre.

Peridot is the birthstone for August. It is associated with protection and dignity, and is given healing qualities by many cultures. Peridot is thought to bring peace, love and loyalty, and as such, has significant religious association. It has been frequently used to decorate religious artefacts, most famously perhaps to decorate the shrine of the Magi in the magnificent cathedral at Cologne.

Peridot Gemstone

Typical Peridot Uses

Peridot is often faceted as a mixed cut, which helps show off the best colour, but also limit risk of chipping. You may also see cabochon and pendeloque cut stones.

Peridot Jewellery

Peridot has been used in jewellery making for centuries. It was first introduce to Europe when Crusaders brought it back from the Middle East, and peridot gemstones have considerable historical and cultural significance. Peridot jewellery reached a high point during the Art Nouveau period, where the particular green shades suited the ornate designs of this time. The peridot is the birthstone for August, and will make a beautiful and lasting gift for any jewellery or gemstone lover born in the month of August.

Peridot Occurrences and Origins

Peridot can be found in Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Burma, USA, Pakistan, Zaire and Norway. Famously, Peridot has been mined for over 3000 in St John's Island, in the Red Sea, Egypt.

Peridot Loose Gemstones