This stone has the most varied colour. The spectrum of the onyx ranges from purest white to pretty much every colour you can think of, except for a few shades of blue and purple. The most common examples often contain different stripes of colours in a single stone, including brown, tan, and white. One sub-category of the onyx is sardonyx, which is formed from different shades of red stripes. Black onyx is particularly popular for jewellery making.

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About Onyx

Onyx is part of the chalcedony group of stones, along with sard, sardonyx, jasper, carnelian and chalcedony itself. Onyx tends to have brown, white or black straight bands. However, since the Egyptian times onyx has been dyed or stained to enhance the colour, or even change the colour completely. A particularly popular colour for onyx is black, which has been was popularly used in jewellery making in the 1920s.

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Typical Onyx Uses

Onyx is sometimes carved for small ornamental work. The Romans famously used onyx for carving their seals. Onyx may also be used as inlay in photo frames or ornate boxes, for example. Onyx was particularly popular in the early twentieth century with Art Deco jewellery makers. Much of the onyx used at this time was dyed black giving a dramatic effect.

Onyx Occurrences and Origins

Onyx isn't particularly rare, and can be found in its various forms throughout the world.

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