Gemstones Colours

Gemstones can be found in just about every colour, sometimes a mixture, some times with special colour play between two or three different colours. The choice is endless for designers and wearers of jewellery alike. So we decided to put together a basic list of Karamba colours, and the gemstones that you are likely to find in that particular colour. It is by no means comprehensive, but we hope will be of some help in you choosing the right gemstone or jewellery.

Red and Pink Gemstones

Everyone knows of "Ruby Red". Rubies are indeed the most famous of all red gemstones. But you will also find garnet gemstones in a deep, rich red. Pink stones include pink topaz, and you may sometimes see pink sapphires. One remarkable pink stone is the Watermelon tourmaline, which is green on the outer parts of the stone, and pink in the centre, hence the watermelon name.

Red Garnet Ring

Red garnet Ring

Blue and Violet Gemstones

As ruby is the most famous red gemstone, its corundum cousin the sapphire is the most famous blue gemstone. Sapphires do come in other colours, but is most famous for its deep, rich blue. Other blue gemstones include lapis, aquamarine and topaz. Turquoise of course has its own special brand of blue-green. Violet gemstones include amethyst and iolite. An especially sought after blue-violet gemstone is the tanzanite - some consider it to have the depth and clarity of a sapphire.

Blue Tanzanite Ring

Blue Tanzanite Ring

Green Gemstones

Think of any green gemstone and of course you immediately picture an emerald. But there are other, more affordable green gemstones. For example peridot and alexandrite, as well as some garnet gemstones, especially the grossular garnet. Jade also offers a beautiful rich green, and is another stone that has become synonymous with it's colour. You may also find green agate, and of course malachite is always a beautiful rich green with wonderful bands of colour running through it.

Green Malachite Beads

Green Malachite Beads

Yellow, Gold and Orange Gemstones

You will also find citrine gemstones in pale yellow to rich gold, as well as some garnets, such as the mandarin garnet stones, and fire opals. However amber is perhaps the most obvious yellow gemstone and in fact the name has become synonymous with the colour.

Golden Yellow Amber Pendant

Golden Amber Pendant and Silver Necklace

White and Colourless Gemstones

White gemstones include moonstone, milky quartz, and pearl. Cubic zirconia is a man made gemstone, very similar to diamond. You may come across "white sapphires" which are usually colourless and clear. And obviously the most well known and sought after colourless gemstone is the diamond.