Garnet Gemstones

Garnet is usually associated with a dark red stone. However, garnet is actually a complete group of minerals, all with similar properties. It is therefore possible to find garnet gemstones in a whole range of colours, with some spectacular garnet stones as much sought after as sapphires. Garnet is durable and hard wearing and is perfect for jewellery making. In fact it has been used as beads since prehistoric times.

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About Garnet Gemstones

The garnet is the birthstone for January. By far the most recognisable colour for the garnet is deep red. However, new discoveries of garnet gemstone has resulted in finding a larger variety of colours, including the green tsavorite, the orange hessonite, the light orange spessariet mandarin, the violet rhodolite, and the bright yellow green demantoid.

Garnet Gemstone

Types of Garnet Stone

There is a surprising range and variety of garnet gemstones. You may well see specific names added to the label garnet, such as pryope, spessartite, hessonite, almandite, rhodolite, grossular and demantoid, to name a few. There are also colour changing garnet stones, which can appear green blue to deep red, depending on the light.

Typical Garnet Uses

Garnets have been used in jewellery for centuries, and have even been found in pre-historic graves. The deep red garnet called the pryope was very popular in the 18th and 19th century, especially in Bohemian jewellery. The garnet is versatile, and there is along tradition of using it in rings, pendants and earrings. It has a touch of the boldness of medieval jewellery about it, which can be used to great effect in contemporary jewellery too.

Garnet Jewellery

Garnet jewellery can look stunning. It is the birthstone for January, and makes a particularly wonderful gift for anyone born in that month.

Garnet Occurrences and Origins

With such a large family or group of gemstones, it's not surprising that garnets can be found across the world. The main sources include India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and even places in Europe, including Germany, Switzerland and Scotland.

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