Citrine Gemstones

Citrine is actually quartz, but quartz of a particular pale yellow to golden colour. In fact it is also referred to simply as "Yellow Quartz". It is this yellow colour that gives this stone the name Citrine, derived from the Latin word for yellow: citrina. Very pale yellow citrines can be hard to find, and many of the stones you will see available are darker, more golden or even orange and amber in colour.

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About Citrine

Citrine is also referred to as "Yellow Quartz" and as this name suggests, is part of the quartz family, along with gemstones such as amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz and milky quartz. Citrine is very often confused with yellow topaz, and indeed it has been referred to a "Brazilian Topaz", since Brazil is one of the world's leading producers of citrine. Gemstone quality citrine is rare, and most of the citrine gemstones available to buy at more affordable prices are possibly heat treated amethyst. Check with any vendor before you buy.

Deep Golden Citrine Gemstone Pale Yellow Citrine Gemstone

Typical Citrine Uses

You will find many fine examples of citrine gemstones in Brilliant cut, and also the beautifully faceted Pendeloque shape, a kind of elegant tear or pear shape. Lower quality stones may be finished in a Cabochon (smooth and rounded) shape. Citrine makes a beautiful and elegant addition to any jewellery piece. Consideration of course needs to be given to the colour, since a pale yellow citrine can be very subtle, whereas the more golden citrine stones are very strong and bold. In some countries, citrine is considered one of the birthstones for November, along with topaz.

Citrine Occurrences and Origins

Most citrine comes from Brazil, as well as Madagascar and Russia. Some citrine can also be found in Spain.

Citrine Gemstone