Amber Gemstones

Amber is the hardened, fossilised resin of pine trees, and its characteristic rich, golden orange or yellow colour has become known simply as "Amber". Amber is perfect for necklace making, or for use as a brooch or pendant. Amber is quite affordable compared to many gemstones, and well priced beads can often be found for jewellery making, as can large amber stones. Amber gives a piece of jewellery an organic, natural feel, and the colour complements silver especially well.

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About Amber

Amber has been used in jewellery making since pre-historic times. It has a warm, silky feel, and typically a rich, golden colour. In fact amber comes in a variety of colours, including green, violet, red, white, black, cognac, and the most famous and popular, yellow amber. Red, violet, black and green amber are in fact very rare. White amber is less so, although not nearly as common as the yellow variety. White amber is often a milky white colour, but still containing patterns of yellow amber. Cognac amber is a lot darker than the yellow type, and looks almost like a burned version. It often includes a mixture of tones within it.

Organic Gems

Amber is actually classified differently to other gemstones. It belongs in a group referred to as "Organic Gem" - a gem that is derived from a living organism or organisms. In this case, amber is derived from pine tree resin. Other organic gems include pearl, coral, ivory, jet and shell.

Amber Necklace and Pendant

Typical Amber Uses

Amber can be found in a whole range of jewellery, such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and more. Amber is also used in ornaments, particularly amber containing fossilised insects and plants. Amber gives a piece of jewellery an organic, natural feel, and the colour complements silver especially well, for example the amber pendant shown below.

Amber Jewellery

Some examples of the wonderfully different ways amber can be used in jewllery of all types, from rings, earring, bracelets and pendants.

Amber Occurrences and Origins

Amber is found in many countries, in both Europe and the Americas. Perhaps the most famous amber is from the Baltic coast regions, including Germany, Poland, the Baltic states and Russia. Amber is found elsewhere in the north, for example in Norway and Denmark. And you may even come across the off bit of amber on a stroll along a Norfolk beach! Amber is also found in USA, Mexico and Canada.

Amber Gemstones